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Temporary staffing is an excellent solution when looking to fill personnel needs caused, for example, by seasonal changes in workload. We excel in the art of optimising personnel resources and work schedules to changing workloads. Our extensive employee network allows us to find the right employee quickly – this also benefits our employees. Both long-term and short-term assignments matter to us. We take good care of our employees.

We handle all aspects of the employment relationship from paying wages to providing employee healthcare and insurance. Motivated employees who enjoy their work and are taken care of guarantee a great bottom line.


Recruitment service can help you to fill the jobs of unskilled and skilled workers, but also to find specialists in different fields of work. Within an average of four weeks, we find the right candidates for you to choose the best people to hire.

Trust the recruitment and pre-selection of candidates by our professional and experienced consultants.

HF Rent Works

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