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Hunt-Fish Group Ltd. is an Estonian large wholesaler with a selected product range of FISH, GAME MEAT, MEAT & SEASONAL. We belong to Finnish Group Heinon Tukku Oy with a total Group turnover of 250 million euros (2015).

Our main activity is to export fresh and frozen fish & wild meat, as well seasonal products. In addition we are active in sourcing and exporting other products, such as dairy, meat and poultry. Our product range consists of more than 3000 articles. Our sales office is located in Pärnu city near to the Pärnu river in Estonia.

Hunt-Fish Group Ltd. management team is focused its attention to develop business in Estonia and to build a strong long-term business with good reputation. Hunt-Fish Group Ltd. has very good connections with Estonia and neighboring countries.

"Our management team has an optimistic look towards future that we would like to share with our existing and new clients!"

Hunt-Fish Group




ECD meeting participation in May

Hunt Fish Group took part of annual ECD (European Catering Distribution) meeting in Finland which was hosted by the ECD member Heinon Tukku.

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