Accounting services and consultancy

Right accounting is the foundation of any successful business. Well planned and executed accounting provides a clear understanding of the actual financial situation of the company, increases its creditworthiness and helps to plan resources better. Thus, accounting is not only important for a company manager for presenting financial statements, but also for understanding and evaluating the company's operations. When setting up a business, you need to consider either hiring an accountant or outsourcing an accounting service.

Accountant vs. Accounting Service Company...

Full time accountants definitely need big companies. Often there are even several of them, because the workload is very large and overpowering for one person. For example, a large manufacturing company. After all, it is unthinkable that such a company would outsource accounting services. There are situations where only personnel service is procured, but the basic accounting is still on site.

Accounting service is a great solution for financial accounting especially for small and medium sized businesses whose size and nature of their business does not make sense to hire their own accountant.

Using our accounting services does not require you to spend any extra money on an accountant's salary, installation, training or accounting software. Comprehensive accounting services take into account the specifics of each business, help save labor and administration costs, and allow business owners and staff to focus on the core business objectives.

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The cost of an accounting service depends on the number of entries, the number of accounting documents, the number of services selected and the frequency with which the accounting service is provided.